it's alive

Sparkling with life

Métaphore aspires to elevate your beer experience, offering a symphony of refinement and authenticity with a touch of magic. Beyond their delightful taste, they are perfect companions to refined dishes, creating a holistic experience.

Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of beer, wine, gastronomy, travel, and its people, each beer is grounded in years of patient and solemn work. Yet, the true magic of Métaphore lies in its vibrant energy; these are bright, beautiful liquid metaphors, sparkling with life, and each sip is a celebration of the simple yet profound joys of existence."

Nature's Symphony

Spontaneously fermented beers

Most of Métaphore beers undergo spontaneous fermentation in a barrel after a night of traditional cooling in a coolship, where additional infusion of hops or herbs could also occur. They are usually aged in wooden barrels for extended periods—ranging from one to three years or occasionally even longer. I firmly believe that the use of spontaneous or native fermentation captures the essence of the elusive concept of beer "terroir" and its inseparable authenticity.

Backbone of beer

Ancestral and local grains

While hops often steal the spotlight in the modern beer world, it's the humble cereals that lay the groundwork for every brew. Grains serve as the essential backbone, providing structure, body, and texture to the final beer. At its essence, beer is an agricultural product born from fermented cereals, forging a direct link to the land and its people. Thus, close partnership with local farmers becomes imperative. All Métaphore beers are crafted from locally sourced, organically grown cereals, often from ancestral types like Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt or heirloom grains. Infusing each brew with layers and unique qualities. Not to forget, at the heart of every beer lies traditionally floor-malted locally grown, organic barley.

  • Barrel Aged

    Wood is enchanting! The qualities imparted by wooden barrels extend far beyond flavor alone. The touch of the wooden barrels, with their inherent warmth, creates an ideal environment for beers to mature gracefully over months and years. While beer conditioning in wooden casks is noteworthy, it's not the sole method. Some Métaphore beers are conditioned in Georgian qvevris or classic stainless vessels, each chosen to make a specific impact on the final beer.

  • Local Fruit

    It's truly remarkable how the diverse palette of flavors from individual, locally sourced fresh fruits contributes to the final beer. Factors such as ripeness, varietal, location or seasonal whims impart a distinct touch each season. Every vintage is thus a unique and evolving experience.

  • Organic Farming

    Living in the moderate climate of the Czech Republic grants the luxury of working with a myriad of seasonal produce—a truly remarkable experience! Coming from one of the world's renowned hop-growing regions, organic hop farming is just as rare and challenging here. Fortunately, I am grateful to collaborate with few growers who boldly challenges conventional norms. Embracing organic hops is not just a trend for Métaphore; it's a commitment. Steadfast support for organic farming is at the heart of Métaphore. After all, beer is also a food item, and for me, it better be organic!